Abby's Kimchi Jjigae Recipe

What is It?

So, what is kimchi stew (or kimchi jjigae)? Well, kimchi jjigae is actually a traditional Korean dish filled with kimchi. It's spicy and hot, so it's a dish that can really be filling for whoever eats it! There are many different versions of kimchi jjigae, in the sense that you can put in different kinds of meat in there as well. You can put tuna, fish, and pork. Today, we will be doing the most traditional, which is the pork kimchi jjigae.

Kimchi Jjigae

Prep Time: 30 min, Cook Time: 30 min, Total Time: 1 hour, Yield: 5 Servings; Category: Main and Side Dish (just depends :) )


1 lb Pork (one with fat, ex: pork belly, leg, or shoulders) 1 lb Kimchi 1 White onion 3 Green onions 1 package of tofu 4 cloves of garlic Water or Broth (ex: anchovy broth, rice water, etc.) Gochujang Soy Sauce Chili flakes Sugar


Preparation: 1. First take out the pork (if it's from the freezer then you must leave it out for a couple hours to defrost or stick it in warm water) and all your ingredients
2. Chop up the white onion in half and take each half and chop it up into eights
3. Take you're three green onions: chop up two in parts of five and then take the remaining one and chop it up in any which way you want for garnishing purposes
4. Crush the garlic and mince it
5. Take out the tofu from the package and cut it into around 2 inch cubes
6. Take your kimchi and slice it into fifths
7. Take your pork and slice it into small chunks

Cooking: 1. Put some oil into the pan and fry the pork and kimchi together
2. After color is developed on the pork and the kimchi has been cooked for a bit, take you’re broth (anchovy, rice water, or just regular water) and pour it
3. Then put in your gochujang, sugar, chili flakes, green onions (not the garnish ones), and garlic, then mix up the contents
4. Put your lid on and boil for the next 5 minutes (check up on it repeatedly to taste) and when you think it has cooked for a proficient amount of time, add in your tofu and boil for another few minutes
5. Sprinkle your garnish green onions to the top
6. Ready to serve!

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