My Avatar's Life

My avatar has lived for over 100 years. His name is Bot and he was born on Mars. While he was living in Mars, he traveled across the whole Milky Way through his amazing teleportation powers. After teleporting and meeting many new, living beings across our galaxy, he finally decided to visit the planet Earth. He quickly packed his things and teleported to Earth, where he was treated as an honorary guest by many astronomical and spatial experts. He befriended many professionals that were interested in space and learning about planets outside of Earth.

Bot even visited NASA, where many people asked him questions about his life on Mars. They also did case studies on him by testing the many objects and treasures he brought from the other planets in the Milky Way. By helping the people of NASA and explaining his life before he came to Earth, Bot was able to significantly contribute to the advancement of astronomical science. He was very proud of what he could offer and decided to continue to work with those who were interested in astronomy

As time passed by, Bot saw many people leave and come into the world, since his life span is much longer than that of humans. Although sometimes he gets lonely, Bot still likes the longevity of his life because he can continue to explore the interesting parts of everyday life for humans as well as the lifestyle on Earth. One day, Bot hopes to find a planet that no one has ever discovered so he can bring his findings back to the people of Earth. He thanks everyone on Earth for being so kind and fun!