Computer Science 1

This webpage is for my Computer Science 1 class.
We are learning to code in C#.
I have several assignments I would like to show you.
programming is difficult but fun.

Goodbye Project


This is our first project where we clicked buttons to change the country's flag.
It also shows the word "goodbye" in each button's language.

About Page


This is a page about my madeup company and serves as a company website.
This project is able to use different buttons to show background info and logos.
About Page is corrupt so no zip file or project picture is available.

Mailing Label


This is a program allows you to display and create your own mailing label.
You input your personal info and it displays it as a mailing label in the display box.

Car Rental


This project lets you select a car and rent it out on the program.
It has manager stats that keeps track of miles driven and the cost of the car rented.

BMI Calculator


This is a calculator that calculates your BMI and the average BMI of all program users.
The calculator also shows your weight in kilograms, and your height in meters.



This is a bookstore program that records the subtotal on buying multiple books.
It also records total sales, customers, and average sale.

Car Rental Upgrade


This is just the upgrade on the Car Rental program.
It now has 3 options of cars with radio buttons for price with checkboxes for special amenities.
There is no zip file for the Car Rental Upgrade. However, there is a picture.

Test Scores


This is a program that takes two tests and calculates their letter grades and the higher score.
It also calculates the average of the two tests after inputting the two test grades.

Dice Game


This is a project that spins 2 dice and counts up the sum of the dice.
It also keeps track of the number of rolls and the probabilities of rolling each number.
The zip file for the Dice Game is unavailable.

Craps Game


This is a program that copies and plays an online game of craps.
Your point shows up in the point box and the message box tell you your results from the game.

T-Shirt Sales


This program is an online t-shirt store.
The store has multiple sizes with different prices, amenities, and a subtotal for each order.

Slot Machine


This program is a slot machine that has 5 rolls on 3 images.
It contains pictures for the rolls and message boxes to display whether you win or lose.

Rock Paper Scissors


This program is a self playing rock paper scissors game.
One of the two players each take turns picking a random image of rock, paper, or scissor until one wins or loses and keeps going.
The zip file for Rock Paper Scissors is unavailable, but the picture is available.

Fish 1


This is a program that makes a fish move from left to right or right to left.
The fish changes directions when it hits the end of the wall and the number of moves is counted.
The zip file is not available for this project, but a picture is.

Fish 2D


This is a program that makes a fish and shark move left, right, up, and down.
When the fish and the shark fall in the same box, the shark eats the fish and the game resets.
The zip file is not available for this project, but a picture is.

NCAA Football


This program has us pick out a bowl and provide annual bowl records, bowl schedules, and my own opinion on the bowl.
The program has pages with background information on the colleges (I picked USC and the University of Iowa).

Tic Tac Toe


This program has a self playing tic tac toe grid with Xs and Os to play.
The program is set to be unclickable after one of the players wins the game.



This program has a bunch of calculating math functions.
The program includes sequence, even, odd, factorial, and fibonacci.

Star Field


This program shows a universe full of stars.
The stars grow and are replaced onto random places within the universe.

Fish Aquarium


This program has a tank full of fish, a shark, bubbles, a boat, and a hook.
The program randomizes where the fish are and the shark. The shark eats the fish, the bubbles move up, and the boat and hook catch fish.

Number Array


This program is like a calculator that produces random numbers.
The program produces several random numbers and calculates the max and min values. It also calculates averages too.



This program uses randomly generated numbers for a histogram.
The program uses integer and string arrays. The data is represented by asteriks.

Final Project


This program is the final project for this year in GITA 1.
The program uses all the things we learned in this past year. It includes arrays, self made graphics, random code, and more.